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Doudin, Khalid and Törnroos, Karl (2017). 2,2′,2″-Thiotris(acetic acid) betaine, S(CH2COOH)2(CH2COO), and 2,2′,2″-selenotris(acetic acid) betaine, Se(CH2COOH)2(CH2COO). Journal of Molecular Structure, 1134 , 611–616.

Gondora, Wayne; Doudin, Khalid; Nowakoski, Daniel J.; Xiao, Bo; Ding, Yulong; Bridgwater, Tony and Yuan, Qingchun (2016). Encapsulation of phase change materials using rice-husk-char. Applied Energy, 182 , pp. 274-281.

Doudin, Khalid; Al-Malaika, Sahar; Sheena, Husam H.; Tverezovskiy, V. and Fowler, P. (2016). New genre of antioxidants from renewable natural resources:synthesis and characterisation of rosemary plant-derived antioxidants and their performance in polyolefins. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 130 , pp. 126-134.

Doudin, Khalid; Ahmad, Azhar and Al-Malaika, Sahar (2009). Reactive processing of polymers: structural characterization of products by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy for glycidyl methacrylate grafting onto EPR in the absence and presence of a reactive comonomer. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 94 (10), pp. 1599-1614.

Doudin, Khalid; Al-Malaika, Sahar; Dole, H.; Stirling, T. and Sharples, M. Effect of contact surfaces on the thermal and photoxidation of dehydrated castor oil. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 96 (4), pp. 438-454.

Doudin, Khalid and Törnroos, Karl Selenium carboxylic acids betaine; 3,3′,3″-selenotris(propanoic acid) betaine, Se(CH2CH2COOH)2(CH2CH2COO). Journal of Molecular Structure, 1137 , 506–511.

Al-Malaika, Sahar and Doudin, Khalid Vitamin E-stabilised UHMWPE for orthopaedic implants:quantitative determination of vitamin E and characterisation of its transformation products. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 125 , pp. 59-75.

Conference or Workshop Item

Doudin, Khalid and Al-Malaika, Sahar Rosemary : a raw material for a new genre of bio-based antioxidants for sustainable applications. IN: 30th Polymer Degradation Discussion Group Conference. 2013-09-01 - 2013-09-04.

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