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Adjamian, Peyman, Worthen, Sian F., Hillebrand, Arjan, Furlong, Paul L., Chizh, B.A., Hobson, Anthony R., Aziz, Qasim and Barnes, Gareth R. (2009). Effective electromagnetic noise cancellation with beamformers and synthetic gradiometry in shielded and partly shielded environments. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 178 (1), pp. 120-127.

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de Almeida, Jorge R.C., Akkal, Dalila, Hassel, Stefanie, Travis, Michael J., Banihashemi, Layla, Kerr, Natalie, Kupfer, David J. and Phillips, Mary L. (2009). Reduced gray matter volume in ventral prefrontal cortex but not amygdala in bipolar disorder:significant effects of gender and trait anxiety. Psychiatry Research, 171 (1), pp. 54-68.

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Hurrell, Edward, Kucerova, Eva, Loughlin, Michael, Caubilla-Barron, Juncal, Hilton, Anthony C., Armstrong, Richard A., Smith, Craig, Grant, Judith, Shoo, Shiu and Forsythe, Stephen (2009). Neonatal enteral feeding tubes as loci for colonisation by members of the Enterobacteriaceae. BMC Infectious Diseases, 9 (146),


Kempton, Matthew J., Haldane, Morgan, Jogia, Jigar, Christodoulou, Tessa, Powell, John, Collier, David, Williams, Steven C.R. and Frangou, Sophia (2009). The effects of gender and COMT Val158Met polymorphism on fearful facial affect recognition:a fMRI study. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 12 (3), pp. 371-381.


Langguth, Berthold, Jüttner, Martin, Landis, Theodor, Regard, Marianne and Rentschler, Ingo (2009). Differential impact of posterior lesions in the left and right hemisphere on visual category learning and generalization to contrast reversal. Neuropsychologia, 47 (13), pp. 2927-2936.

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