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Atamas, N., Bardik, V., Bannikova, A., Grishina, O., Lugovskoi, E., Lavoryk, S., Makogonenko, Y., Korolovych, V. and Nerukh, D. (2017). The effect of water dynamics on conformation changes of albumin in pre-denaturation state:photon correlation spectroscopy and simulation. Journal of Molecular Liquids, In pre ,


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Bertotti, Maria Letizia, Chattopadhyay, Amit K. and Modanese, Giovanni (2017). Correlation between Gini index and mobility in a stochastic kinetic model of economic exchange. Results in Physics, 7 , pp. 2081-2084.

Bibi, Shabnam (2017). Sparse image approximation. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Blanco, Celia, Stich, Michael and Hochberg, David (2017). Mechanically induced homochirality in nucleated enantioselective polymerization. Journal of Physical Chemistry: Part B, 121 (5), 942–955.


Chapko, R. and Johansson, B.T. (2017). Boundary-integral approach to the numerical solution of the Cauchy problem for the Laplace equation. Ukrainian Mathematical Journal, 68 (12), pp. 1929-1948.

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Chattopadhyay, Amit K., Dey, Prasanta K. and Ghosh, Sadhan K. (2017). Dynamics of spatial heterogeneity in a landfill with interacting phase densities:a stochastic analysis. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 41 , pp. 350-358.

Chattopadhyay, Amit K, Kumar, T Krishna and Mallick, Sushanta K (2017). Poverty index with time-varying consumption and income distributions. Physical Review E, 95 (3),

Chudnovskiy, Alexander, Kagalovsky, Victor and Yurkevich, Igor V. (2017). Metal-insulator transition in a sliding Luttinger liquid with line defects. Physical Review B, 96 , 165111-1 - 165111-6.


De Lima, Ana Lígia Silva, Hahn, Tim, Evers, Luc J.W., De Vries, Nienke M., Cohen, Eli, Afek, Michal, Bataille, Lauren, Daeschler, Margaret, Claes, Kasper, Boroojerdi, Babak, Terricabras, Dolors, Little, Max A., Baldus, Heribert, Bloem, Bastiaan R. and Faber, Marjan J. (2017). Feasibility of large-scale deployment of multiple wearable sensors in Parkinson’s disease. PLoS ONE, 12 (12),


Fletcher, Benjamin (2017). Efficient 3D medical image segmentation. Masters thesis, Aston University.


Harrison, Elizabeth (2017). Optimising power flow in a volatile electrical grid using a message passing algorithm. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Harrison, Elizabeth, Saad, David and Wong, K.Y. Michael (2017). Optimal load shedding in electricity grids with renewable sources via message passing. Energy Procedia, 107 , pp. 101-108.

Herzallah, Randa and Kárný, Miroslav (2017). Towards probabilistic synchronization of local controllers. International Journal of Systems Science, 48 (3), pp. 604-615.

Hussein, M.S., Lesnic, D., Johansson, B.T. and Hazanee, A. (2017). Identification of a multi-dimensional space-dependent heat source from boundary data. Applied Mathematical Modelling, In pre ,


Johansson, B. Tomas (2017). Properties of a method of fundamental solutions for the parabolic heat equation. Applied Mathematics Letters, 65 , pp. 83-89.

Johansson, B. Tomas (2017). An elementary algorithm to evaluate trigonometric functions to high precision. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, in pre ,

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Kyle, Simon D., Sexton, Claire E., Feige, Bernd, Luik, Annemarie, Lane, Jacqueline, Saxena, Richa, Anderson, Simon G., Bechtold, David A., Dixon, William, Little, Max, Ray, David, Riemann, Dieter, Espie, Colin A., Rutter, Martin K. and Spiegelhalder, Kai (2017). Sleep and cognitive performance:cross-sectional associations from the UK Biobank. Sleep Medicine, 38 , pp. 85-91.

Kárný, Miroslav and Herzallah, Randa (2017). Scalable harmonization of complex networks with local adaptive controllers. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 47 (3), pp. 394-404.


Lane, Jacqueline M., Liang, Jingjing, Vlasac, Irma, Anderson, Simon G., Bechtold, David A., Bowden, Jack, Emsley, Richard, Gill, Shubhroz, Little, Max A, Luik, Annemarie I., Loudon, Andrew, Scheer, Frank A.J.L., Purcell, Shaun M., Kyle, Simon D., Lawlor, Deborah A., Zhu, Xiaofeng, Redline, Susan, Ray, David W., Rutter, Martin K. and Saxena, Richa (2017). Genome-wide association analyses of sleep disturbance traits identify new loci and highlight shared genetics with neuropsychiatric and metabolic traits. Nature Genetics, 49 (2), 274 - 281.

Laurie, Jason, Chattopadhyay, Amit K and Flower, Darren R (2017). Protein lipograms. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 430 , pp. 109-116.

Li, Bin, Michael Wong, K. Y., Chan, Amos H.M., So, Tsz Yan, Heimonen, Hermanni, Wei, Junyi and Saad, David (2017). How market structure drives commodity prices. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2017 (11),

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Li, Bo and Saad, David (2017). Chimera-like states in structured heterogeneous networks. Chaos, 27 (4),

Lokhov, Andrey Y. and Saad, David (2017). Optimal deployment of resources for maximizing impact in spreading processes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114 (39), E8138-E8146.


Mukherjee, Prabir K. and Chattopadhyay, Amit K. (2017). Effect of magnetic nanoparticles on the nematic-smectic-A phase transition. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 242 , pp. 612-617.


Neirotti, Juan (2017). Consensus formation times in anisotropic societies. Physical Review E, 95 (6),


Pergola, Gabriele, He, Yulan and Lowe, David (2017). Topical Phrase Extraction from Clinical Reports by Incorporating both Local and Global Context. IN: The 2nd AAAI Workshop on Health Intelligence. UNSPECIFIED.

Poorjam, Amir Hossein, Jensen, Jesper Rindom, Little, Max A. and Christensen, Mads Græsbøll (2017). Dominant distortion classification for pre-processing of vowels in remote biomedical voice analysis. IN: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, INTERSPEECH 2017. UNSPECIFIED.


Raykov, Yordan (2017). A deterministic inference framework for discrete nonparametric latent variable models:learning complex probabilistic models with simple algorithms. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Raykov, Yordan (2017). Estimating a number of occupants in a region. US20170364817A1.

Rebollo-Neira, Laura (2017). Effective sparse representation of X-Ray medical images. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, 33 (12),

Rebollo-neira, Laura and Plastino, A. (2017). Sparse representation of Gravitational Sound. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 417 , pp. 306-314.

Rocchi, Jacopo, Saad, David and Tantari, Daniele (2017). High storage capacity in the Hopfield model with auto-interactions - stability analysis. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 50 ,

Rocchi, Jacopo, Saad, David and Yeung, Chi Ho (2017). Self-sustained clusters as drivers of computational hardness in p-spin models. Physical Review B, 96 (2),

Rocchi, Jacopo, Tsui, Enoch Yan Lok and Saad, David (2017). Emerging interdependence between stock values during financial crashes. PLoS ONE, 12 (5),


Shi, Liming, Nielsen, Jesper K., Jensen, Jesper R., Little, Max A. and Christensen, Mads G. (2017). A Kalman-based fundamental frequency estimation algorithm. IN: 2017 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, WASPAA 2017. IEEE.

Silva de Lima, Ana Lígia, Evers, Luc J.W., Hahn, Tim, Bataille, Lauren, Hamilton, Jamie L., Little, Max A., Okuma, Yasuyuki, Bloem, Bastiaan R. and Faber, Marjan J. (2017). Freezing of gait and fall detection in Parkinson’s disease using wearable sensors:a systematic review. Journal of Neurology, in pre ,

Sitnikovs, Dmitrijs (2017). Instabilities in quasi-efficient markets. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Sugavanam, Srikanth, Sorokina, Mariia and Churkin, Dmitry V. (2017). Spectral correlations in a random distributed feedback fibre laser. Nature Communications, 8 ,


Tarasova, Elvira, Farafonov, Vladimir, Khayat, Reza, Okimoto, Noriaki, Komatsu, Teruhisa, Taiji, Makoto and Nerukh, Dmitry (2017). All-atom molecular dynamics simulations of entire virus capsid reveal the role of ion distribution in capsid’s stability. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 (4), pp. 779-784.

Tarasova, Elvira, Korotkin, Ivan, Farafonov, Volodymyr, Karabasov, Sergey and Nerukh, Dmitry (2017). Complete virus capsid at all-atom resolution:simulations using molecular dynamics and hybrid molecular dynamics/hydrodynamics methods reveal semipermeable membrane function. Journal of Molecular Liquids, in pre ,

Turitsyn, Sergei K., Prilepsky, Jaroslaw E., Le, Son Thai, Wahls, Sander, Frumin, Leonid L., Kamalian, Morteza and Derevyanko, Stanislav A. (2017). Nonlinear Fourier transform for optical data processing and transmission:advances and perspectives. Optica, 4 (3), pp. 307-322.


Voraprateep, Jutharath (2017). Statistical properties of liquid protein-water molecular system dynamics. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Yurkevich, Igor V. (2017). Interaction-induced edge states in anisotropic non-Fermi liquids. Scientific Reports, 7 ,

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