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Alamino, Roberto C. and Caticha, Nestor (2006). Online learning in discrete hidden Markov models. IN: Bayesian inference and maximum entropy methods In science and engineering. Mohammad-Djafari, Ali (ed.) AIP conference proceedings . AIP.


Boscolo, Sonia, Derevyanko, Stanislav, Turitsyn, Sergei K., Kovalev, Alexander S. and Bogdan, Mikhail M. (2006). On the theory of autosoliton propagation in optical fibers guided by in-line nonlinear devices. IN: ICONO 2005. Rosanov, Nikolai and Trillo, Stephano (eds) SPIE proceedings . SPIE.

Bounkong, S., van Mourik, Jort and Saad, David (2006). Coloring random graphs and maximizing local diversity. Physical Review E, 74 (5),


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Jain, S. and Flynn, H. (2006). Persistence and the random bond Ising model in two dimensions. Physical Review E, 73 (2),

Johansson, Tomas and Lesnic, Daniel (2006). Reconstruction of a stationary flow from boundary data using iterative methods. European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 17 (6), pp. 651-663.

Johansson, Tomas and Lesnic, Daniel (2006). A variational conjugate gradient method for determining the fluid velocity of a slow viscous flow. Applicable Analysis, 85 (11), pp. 1327-1341.


Migliorini, Gabriele and Saad, David (2006). Finite-connectivity spin-glass phase diagrams and low-density parity check codes. Physical Review E, 73 (2),


Neirotti, Juan P. and Saad, David (2006). Efficient Bayesian inference for learning in the Ising linear perceptron and signal detection in CDMA. Physica A, 365 (1), pp. 203-210.

Nerukh, A., Ruzhytska, N. and Nerukh, D. (2006). Quasi-intermittency of waves and their complexity in modulated dielectric medium. IN: Conference Proceedings - 11th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory, MMET'06. UNSPECIFIED.


Rebollo-Neira, L. and Plastino, A. (2006). Statistical distribution, host for encrypted information. Physica A, 359 , pp. 213-221.


Sedlmayr, N., Yurkevich, I.V. and Lerner, I.V. (2006). Tunnelling density of states at Coulomb-blockade peaks. EPL, 76 (1), pp. 109-114.


Tino, Peter, Farkas, Igor and van Mourik, Jort (2006). Dynamics and topographic organization of recursive self-organizing maps. Neural Computation, 18 (10), pp. 2529-2567.


Villmann, Thomas and Claussen, Jens Christian (2006). Magnification control in self-organizing maps and neural gas. Neural Computation, 18 (2), pp. 446-469.


Wang, X. X., Chen, S., Lowe, D. and Harris, C. J. (2006). Sparse support vector regression based on orthogonal forward selection for the generalised kernel model. Neurocomputing, 70 (1-3), pp. 462-474.

Wong, K. Y. Michael and Saad, David (2006). Equilibration through local information exchange in networks. Physical Review E, 74 (1), pp. 1-4.

Wong, K. Y. Michael, Saad, David and Gao, Zhuo (2006). Message passing for task redistribution on sparse graphs. IN: Neural Information Processing Systems 18. 2006-10-23 - 2006-10-23.

Wong, K. Y. Michael, Yeung, C. H. and Saad, David (2006). Distributed algorithms for global optimization on sparse networks of arbitrary bandwidths. Working Paper. Aston University, Birmingham.


Yurkevich, I.V., Lerner, I.V., Stepanenko, A.S. and Constantinou, C.C. (2006). Random walks in local dynamics of network losses. Physical Review E, 74 (4),

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