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Kelp, G.; Tätte, T.; Pikker, S.; Mändar, H.; Rozhin, A.G.; Rauwel, P.; Vanetsev, A.S.; Gerst, A.; Merisalu, M.; Mäeorg, U.; Natali, M.; Persson, I. and Kessler, V.G. (2016). Self-assembled SnO2 micro- and nanosphere-based gas sensor thick films from an alkoxide-derived high purity aqueous colloid precursor. Nanoscale, 8 (13), pp. 7056-7067.

Yukhymchuk, V.O.; Kiselov, V.S.; Valakh, M.Ya; Tryus, M.P.; Skoryk, M.A.; Rozhin, A.G.; Kulinich, S.A. and Belyaev, A.E. (2016). Biomorphous SiC ceramics prepared from cork oak as precursor. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 91 , pp. 145-151.

Kulinich, S.A.; Honda, M.; Zhu, A.L.; Rozhin, A.G. and Du, X.W. (2015). The icephobic performance of alkyl-grafted aluminum surfaces. Soft matter, 11 (5), pp. 856-861.

Verbitsky, A.B.; Rozhin, A.G.; Lutsyk, P.M.; Piryatinski, Yu.P. and Perminov, R.J. Complexation in composite solutions of melanin with 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 589 (1), pp. 209-217.

Yukhymchuk, V.O.; Valakh, M.Ya.; Hreshchuk, O.M.; Havrylyuk, Ye.O.; Yanchuk, I.B.; Yefanov, A.V.; Arif, R.N.; Rozhin, A.G. and Skoryk, M.A. Properties of graphene flakes obtained by treating graphite with ultrasound. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 62 (5), pp. 432-440.

Li, J.F.; Luo, H.Y.; He, Y.L.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, K.M.; Rozhin, A.G. and Turitsyn, S.K. Semiconductor saturable absorber mirror passively Q-switched 2.97 μm fluoride fiber laser. Laser Physics Letters, 11 (6),

Fedotov, Y.S.; Kobtsev, S.M.; Arif, R.N.; Rozhin, A.G.; Mou, C. and Turitsyn, S.K. Spectrum-, pulsewidth-, and wavelengthswitchable all-fiber mode-locked Yb laser with fiber based birefringent filter. Optics Express, 20 (16), pp. 17797-17805.

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