Femtosecond laser writing of buried waveguides in erbium III-Doped oxyfluoride glasses and nano-glass-ceramics


Femtosecond-pulsed laser writing of waveguides, a few mm long, is demonstrated; waveguides were written orthogonally to the writing beam inside the bulk of ErIII-doped oxyfluoride glasses at a depth of 160 mum. The writing beam was 795 nm wavelength, 54 fs pulse duration and 11 MHz repetition rate. Tracks were written at pulse energies of 13.1 nJ to 26.1 nJ and sample translational velocity of 10 mmmiddot.s-1 to 28 mmmiddots-1. The influence of translational velocity and pulse energy on the cross-sectional shape and integrity of the written tracks is reported. Tracks tend to be narrower as the pulse energy is lowered or translational velocity decreased. Above 22.9 nJ, pulse energy, tracks tend to crack. The estimated refractive index profile of one track has a maximum increase of refractive index of 0.003 at the centre. These glasses normally form nano-glass-ceramics on heat treatment just above the glass transformation temperature (Tg). Here, a post-fs-writing heat-treatment just above Tg causes nano-ceramming of the glass sample and removes a light-guiding peripheral region of the fs-written tracks suggesting that this region may have been fs-modified by stress alone. Waveguiding at 651 nm and 973 nm wavelengths, and upconversion, are demonstrated in optimally written tracks.

Additional Information: 10th Anniversary International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, 2008 (ICTON 2008). Athens (GR), 22-26 June 2008.
Uncontrolled Keywords: erbium, lasers, optical materials, pulsed laser deposition, sugar, sucrose, waveguides, 3-dimensional waveguides, buried waveguides, femto seconds, femtosecond-laser writing, Fs laser processing, International conferences, nano-glass-ceramics, novel glasses, pulsed lasers, transparent optical networks, upconversion, Computer Networks and Communications, Hardware and Architecture
ISBN: 9781424426256
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Date Deposited: 12 Aug 2010 13:00
Published Date: 2008-06-22
Authors: Wong, Yu-Lam
Furniss, David
Tikhorairov, Victor K.
Romanova, Elena A.
Dubov, Mykhaylo
Allsop, Thomas D.P.
Mezentsev, Vladimir
Bennion, Ian
Benson, Trevor M.
Seddon, Angela B.


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