Actively modelocked dual-wavelength fibre laser with ultra-low inter-pulse-stream timing jitter


We demonstrate a novel dual-wavelength erbium-fiber laser that uses a single nonlinear-optical loop mirror modulator to simultaneously modelock two cavities with chirped fiber Bragg gratings as end mirrors. We show that this configuration produces synchronized soliton pulse trains with an ultra-low RMS inter-pulse-stream timing jitter of 620 fs enabling application to multiwavelength systems at data rates in excess of 130 Gb/s.

Uncontrolled Keywords: 130 Gbit/s, 620 fs, Actively modelocked dual-wavelength fiber laser, Er fiber laser, cavities, chirped fiber Bragg gratings, data rates, dual-wavelength erbium-fiber laser, end mirrors, multiwavelength systems, single nonlinear-optical loop mirror modulator, synchronized soliton pulse trains, ultra-low RMS inter-pulse-stream timing jitter, ultra-low inter-pulse-stream timing jitter
Publication ISSN: 1941-0174
Last Modified: 23 Oct 2019 10:35
Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2011 11:56
Published Date: 1995-12
Authors: Pattison, D
Kean, P.N.
Gray, John W.D.
Bennion, Ian
Doran, Nick


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