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Cai, Junmeng; He, Yifeng; Yu, Xi; Banks, Scott W; Yang, Yang; Zhang, Xingguang; Yu, Yang; Liu, Ronghou and Bridgwater, Anthony V (2017). Review of physicochemical properties and analytical characterization of lignocellulosic biomass. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, 76 , pp. 309-322.

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Book Section

Corton, John; Blanco Sanchez, Paula; Khan, Zakir; McCalmont, Jon Paul; Yu, Xi; Fletcher, George; Croxton, Steve; Sharp, James; Watson, Ian and Donnison, Iain S. The impact of biomass feedstock composition and pre-treatments on tar formation during biomass gasification. IN: Biofeedstocks and their processing. Kumar Singh, Lalit and Chaudhar, Gaurav (eds) Advances in Biofeedstocks and Biofuels, 1 . Scrivener.

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