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Wang, H.; Bache, C.J. and Schwalbe, C.H. (2008). 2-(3-Hydroxy-propyl)isoindoline-1,3-dione:Competition among hydrogen-bond acceptors. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 64 (7), o402-o404.

Lattmann, E.; Russell, S.T.; Schwalbe, C.H.; Shortt, A.; Balaram, P.N.; Theochari, E.; Alharbi, M.; Narayanan, R. and Lattmann, P. Cholecystokinin-1 receptor antagonists:5-hydroxy-5-aryl-pyrrol-2-ones as anticancer agents. MedChemComm, 7 (6), pp. 1138-1145.

Naskar, S.; Biswas, S.; Mishra, D.; Adhikary, B.; Falvello, L.R.; Soler, T.; Schwalbe, C.H. and Chattopadhyay, S.K. Studies on the relative stabilities of Mn(II) and Mn(III) in complexes with N4O2 donor environments:crystal structures of [Mn(pybzhz)2] and [Mn(Ophsal)(imzH)2] ClO4 (pybzhz = N-(benzoyl)-N-(picolinylidene) hydrazine, Ophsal = N,N-o-phenylenebis(salicylideneimine), imzH = imidazole). Inorganica Chimica Acta, 357 (14), pp. 4257-4264.

Biswas, Subhendu; Mitra, Kamala; Schwalbe, C.H.; Lucas, C. Robert; Chattopadhyay, Shyamal K. and Adhikary, Bibhutosh Synthesis and characterization of some Mn(II) and Mn(III) complexes of N,N′-o-phenylenebis(salicylideneimine)(LH2) and N,N′-o-phenylenebis(5-bromosalicylideneimine)(L′H2). Crystal structures of [Mn(L)(H2O)(ClO4)], [Mn(L)(NCS)] and an infinite linear chain of [Mn(L)(OAc)]. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 358 (8), pp. 2473-2481.

Edafiogho, I.O.; Denny, B.J.; Schwalbe, C.H. and Lowe, P.R. X-ray crystallographic and theoretical studies of an anticonvulsant enaminone:methyl 4-(4'-bromophenyl)amino-6-methyl-2-oxocyclohex-3-en-1-oate. Medical Principles and Practice, 12 (4), pp. 237-242.

Maji, Milan; Sengupta, Parbati; Chattopadhyay, Shyamal K.; Mostafa, Golam; Schwalbe, C.H. and Ghosh, Saktiprosad An unusual ruthenium(II) complex of 2-(2-pyridyl)benzothiazole. Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 54 (1), pp. 13-24.

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