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Scukins, A.; Nerukh, D.; Pavlov, E.; Karabasov, S. and Markesteijn, A. (2015). Multiscale molecular dynamics/hydrodynamics implementation of two dimensional “Mercedes Benz” water model. European Physical Journal, 224 (12), pp. 2217-2238.

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Nerukh, D. Computational mechanics reveals nanosecond time correlations in molecular dynamics of liquid systems. Chemical Physics Letters, 457 (4-6), pp. 439-443.

Atamas, N.; Bardik, V.; Bannikova, A.; Grishina, O.; Lugovskoi, E.; Lavoryk, S.; Makogonenko, Y.; Korolovych, V. and Nerukh, D. The effect of water dynamics on conformation changes of albumin in pre-denaturation state:photon correlation spectroscopy and simulation. Journal of Molecular Liquids, In pre ,

Book Section

Nerukh, A.; Zolotariov, D. and Nerukh, D. (2012). Interaction of time-varying airy pulses with a layer. IN: European Microwave Week 2012: "Space for Microwaves", conference proceedings. IEEE.

Nerukh, A.; Zolotariov, D.; Nerukh, D. and Benton, T. (2012). Reflection of a spatial-temporal airy pulse from a layer. IN: 14th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. IEEE conference publications . IEEE.

Nerukh, A.; Zolotariov, D. and Nerukh, D. (2011). Time-varying airy pulses. IN: 2011 13th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. IEEE Conference Publications . IEEE.

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