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Silva de Lima, Ana Lígia; Evers, Luc J.W.; Hahn, Tim; Bataille, Lauren; Hamilton, Jamie L.; Little, Max A.; Okuma, Yasuyuki; Bloem, Bastiaan R. and Faber, Marjan J. (2017). Freezing of gait and fall detection in Parkinson’s disease using wearable sensors:a systematic review. Journal of Neurology, in pre ,

Andrzejewski, Kelly L.; Dowling, Ariel V.; Stamler, David; Felong, Timothy J.; Harris, Denzil A.; Wong, Cynthia; Cai, Hang; Reilmann, Ralf; Little, Max A.; Gwin, Joseph T.; Biglan, Kevin M. and Dorsey, E. Ray (2016). Wearable sensors in Huntington disease:a pilot study. Journal of Huntington's Disease, 5 (2), pp. 199-206.

Lane, Jacqueline M.; Vlasac, Irma; Anderson, Simon G.; Kyle, Simon D.; Dixon, William G.; Bechtold, David A.; Gill, Shubhroz; Little, Max A.; Luik, Annemarie; Loudon, Andrew; Emsley, Richard; Scheer, Frank A.J.L.; Lawlor, Deborah A.; Redline, Susan; Ray, David W.; Rutter, Martin K. and Saxena, Richa (2016). Genome-wide association analysis identifies novel loci for chronotype in 100,420 individuals from the UK Biobank. Nature Communications, 7 ,

Stephenson, Diane; Hu, Michele T.; Romero, Klaus; Breen, Kieran; Burn, David; Ben-Shlomo, Yoav; Bhattaram, Atul; Isaac, Maria; Venuto, Charles; Kubota, Ken; Little, Max A.; Friend, Stephen; Lovestone, Simon; Morris, Huw R.; Grosset, Donald; Sutherland, Margaret; Gallacher, John; Williams-Gray, Caroline; Bain, Lisa J.; Avilés, Enrique; Marek, Ken; Toga, Arthur W.; Stark, Yafit; Gordon, Mark Forrest and Ford, Steve (2015). Precompetitive data sharing as a catalyst to address unmet needs in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Parkinson's Disease, 5 (3), pp. 581-594.

Moore, Paul J.; Little, Max A.; McSharry, Patrick E.; Goodwin, Guy M. and Geddes, John R. (2014). Correlates of depression in bipolar disorder. Proceeding of the Royal Society: Series B, 281 (1776),

Little, Max A.; Steel, Bradley C.; Bai, Fan; Sowa, Yoshiyuki; Bilyard, Thomas; Mueller, David M.; Berry, Richard M. and Jones, Nick S. (2011). Steps and bumps:precision extraction of discrete states of molecular machines. Biophysical Journal, 101 (2), pp. 477-485.

Tsanas, Athanasios; Little, Max A.; McSharry, Patrick E. and Ramig, Lorraine O. (2011). Nonlinear speech analysis algorithms mapped to a standard metric achieve clinically useful quantification of average Parkinson's disease symptom severity. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 8 (59), pp. 842-855.

Little, Max A.; McSharry, Patrick E.; Hunter, Eric J.; Spielman, Jennifer and Ramig, Lorraine O. (2009). Suitability of dysphonia measurements for telemonitoring of Parkinson's disease. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 56 (4), pp. 1015-1022.

Little, Max A. and Jones, Nick S. Generalized methods and solvers for noise removal from piecewise constant signals. I. Background theory. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, 467 (2135), pp. 3088-3114.

Little, Max A. and Jones, Nick S. Generalized methods and solvers for noise removal from piecewise constant signals. II. New methods. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, 467 (2135), pp. 3115-3140.

Kubota, Ken J.; Chen, Jason A. and Little, Max A. Machine learning for large-scale wearable sensor data in Parkinson disease:concepts, promises, pitfalls, and futures. Movement Disorders, 31 (9), pp. 1314-1326.

Tsanas, Athanasios; Little, Max A.; McSharry, Patrick E.; Spielman, Jennifer; Ramig, Lorraine O. and Spielman, Jennifer Novel speech signal processing algorithms for high-accuracy classification of Parkinson's disease. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 59 (5), pp. 1264-1271.

Tsanas, Athanasios; Zañartu, Matías; Little, Max A.; Fox, Cynthia; Ramig, Lorraine O. and Clifford, Gari D. Robust fundamental frequency estimation in sustained vowels:detailed algorithmic comparisons and information fusion with adaptive Kalman filtering. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 135 (5), pp. 2885-2901.

Raykov, Yordan P.; Boukouvalas, Alexios and Little, Max A. Simple approximate MAP inference for Dirichlet processes mixtures. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 10 (2), pp. 3548-3578.

Espay, Alberto J.; Bonato, Paolo; Nahab, Fatta B.; Maetzler, Walter; Dean, John M.; Klucken, Jochen; Eskofier, Bjoern M.; Merola, Aristide; Horak, Fay; Lang, Anthony E.; Reilmann, Ralf; Giuffrida, Joe; Nieuwboer, Alice; Horne, Malcolm; Little, Max A.; Litvan, Irene; Simuni, Tanya; Dorsey, E. Ray; Burack, Michelle A.; Kubota, Ken; Kamondi, Anita; Godinho, Catarina; Daneault, Jean-Francois; Mitsi, Georgia; Krinke, Lothar; Hausdorff, Jeffery M.; Bloem, Bastiaan R.; Papapetropoulos, Spyros and , Movement Disorders Society Task Force on Technology Technology in Parkinson's disease:challenges and opportunities. Movement Disorders, 31 (9), pp. 1272-1282.

Raykov, Yordan P.; Boukouvalas, Alexis; Baig, Fahd and Little, Max A. What to do when K-means clustering fails:a simple yet principled alternative algorithm. PLoS ONE, 11 (9),

Book Section

Arora, Siddharth; Venkataraman, Vinayak; Donohue, Sean; Biglan, Kevin M.; Dorsey, Earl R. and Little, Max A. (2014). High accuracy discrimination of Parkinson's disease participants from healthy controls using smartphones. IN: 2014 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). IEEE.

Little, Max A. (2014). An efficient, approximate path-following algorithm for elastic net based nonlinear spike enhancement. IN: 2014 Proceedings of the 22nd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO). IEEE.

Raykov, Yordan P.; Ozer, Emre; Dasika, Ganesh; Boukouvalas, Alexis and Little, Max A. Predicting room occupancy with a single passive infrared (PIR) sensor through behavior extraction. IN: UbiComp 2016 - Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. New York, NY (US): ACM.

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