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Andrews, Jane; Clark, Robin and Thomas, Liz, eds. (2012). Compendium of effective practice in higher education retention and success. Birmingham: Aston University.

Allsop, Thomas D.P., Neal, Ronald, Mou, Chengbo, Kalli, Kyriacos, Saied, Sayah, Rehman, Saeed, Webb, David J., Culverhouse, P.F., Sullivan, John L. and Bennion, Ian (2012). Formation and characterization of ultra-sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor based upon a nano-scale corrugated multi-layered coated D-shaped optical fiber. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 48 (3), pp. 394-405.

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Bush, Joseph (2012). Socioeconomic background has no effect. Pharmaceutical Journal, 288 (7699),

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Clark, Robin and Andrews, Jane (2012). Peer mentoring in Higher Education:a reciprocal route to student success. IN: Compendium of effective practice in higher education retention and success. Andrews, Jane and Clark, Robin (eds) Birmingham: Aston University.

Clegg, Ben and Orme, Richard (2012). Systems of systems:pure and applied to Lean Six Sigma training. IN: System of systems. Gheorghe, Adrian V. (ed.) InTech.

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Dhillon, Harpal (2012). Medicines management strategies to improve antibiotic prescribing. PHD thesis, Aston University.

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Feetam, Celia and Hawley, Chris (2012). Prescribing in mental illness:will short-term gains lead to long-term costs? Pharmaceutical Journal, 288 , pp. 315-316.

Goddard, Alan D. and Watts, Anthony (2012). Regulation of G protein-coupled receptors by palmitoylation and cholesterol. BMC Biology, 10 ,

Grzelczyk, Virginie (2012). Uncovering North Korea's energy security dilemma:past policies, present choices, future opportunities. Central European Journal of International and Security Studies, 6 (1), pp. 141-163.

Maratos, Frances A., Senior, Carl, Mogg, Karin, Bradley, Brendan P. and Rippon, Georgina (2012). Early gamma-band activity as a function of threat processing in the extrastriate visual cortex. Cognitive Neuroscience, 3 (1), pp. 62-68.

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Milicic, Anita, Kaur, Randip, Reyes-Sandoval, Arturo, Tang, Choon-Kit, Honeycutt, Jared, Perrie, Yvonne and Hill, Adrian V.S. (2012). Small cationic DDA:TDB liposomes as protein vaccine adjuvants obviate the need for TLR agonists in inducing cellular and humoral responses. PLoS ONE, 7 (3),

Mou, Chengbo, Rozhin, Aleksey G., Arif, Raz, Zhou, Kaiming and Turitsyn, Sergei (2012). Polarization insensitive in-fiber mode-locker based on carbon nanotube with N-methyl-2-pryrrolidone solvent filled fiber microchamber. Applied Physics Letters, 100 (10),

Nevado, Angel, Hadjipapas, Avgis, Kinsey, Kristofer, Moratti, Stephan, Barnes, Gareth R., Holliday, Ian E. and Green, Gary G. (2012). Estimation of functional connectivity from electromagnetic signals and the amount of empirical data required. Neuroscience Letters, 513 (1), pp. 57-61.

O'Donoghue, Lisa, Rudnicka, Alicja R., McClelland, Julie F., Logan, Nicola S. and Saunders, Kathryn J. (2012). Visual acuity measures do not reliably detect childhood refractive error - an epidemiological study. PLoS ONE, 7 (3),

Parmigiani, Francesca, Provost, Lionel, Petropoulos, Periklis, Richardson, David J., Freude, Wolfgang, Leuthold, Juerg, Ellis, Andrew D. and Tomkos, Ioannis (2012). Progress in multichannel all-optical regeneration based on fiber technology. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 18 (2), pp. 689-700.

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Prokic, Emma (2012). Modulation of neuronal network activity in the primary motor cortex. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Qiu, Tianyu and Davies, Philip A. (2012). Longitudinal dispersion in spiral wound RO modules and its effect on the performance of batch mode RO operations. Desalination, 288 , pp. 1-7.

Rai, Jade, Lok, Ka In, Mok, Chun Yin, Mann, Harvinder, Noor, Mohammed, Patel, Pritesh and Flower, Darren R (2012). Immunoinformatic evaluation of multiple epitope ensembles as vaccine candidates:E coli 536. Bioinformation, 8 (6), pp. 272-275.

Rolinski, Michal, Fox, Chris, Maidment, Ian and McShane, Rupert (2012). Cholinesterase inhibitors for dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson's disease dementia and cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (3),

Sudlow, Brian (2012). A room with a view:window images and 'open immanence' in the writings of adolphe retté and G.K. chesterton. Literature and Theology, 26 (1), pp. 38-52.

Uchida, Kenzo, Nakajima, Hideaki, Watanabe, Shuji, Yayama, Takafumi, Guerrero, Alexander R., Inukai, Tomoo, Hirai, Takayuki, Sugita, Daisuke, Johnson, William E and Baba, Hisatoshi (2012). Apoptosis of neurons and oligodendrocytes in the spinal cord of spinal hyperostotic mouse (twy/twy):possible pathomechanism of human cervical compressive myelopathy. European Spine Journal, 21 (3), pp. 490-497.

Vail, Laura, Adams, Ann, Gilbert, Eleanor, Nettleingham, Alice and Buckingham, Christopher D. (2012). Investigating mental health risk assessment in primary care and the potential role of a structured decision support tool, GRiST. Mental Health in Family Medicine, 9 (1), pp. 57-67.

Vogiatzis, George and Hernández, Carlos (2012). Self-calibrated, multi-spectral photometric stereo for 3D face capture. International Journal of Computer Vision, 97 (1), pp. 91-103.

Wang, Hai, Gibbins, Nick, Payne, Terry and Redavid, Domenico (2012). A formal model of the Semantic Web Service Ontology (WSMO). Information Systems, 37 (1), pp. 33-60.

Wheatley, M., Wootten, Denise, Conner, Matthew T., Simms, John, Kendrick, R., Logan, R.T., Poyner, David R. and Barwell, James (2012). Lifting the lid on GPCRs:the role of extracellular loops. British Journal of Pharmacology, 165 (6), pp. 1688-1703.

Wlazlowski, Szymon, Nillson, Birger, Binner, Jane, Giulietti, Monica and Joseph, Nathan (2012). New York mark-ups on petroleum products. Manchester School, 80 (2), pp. 145-171.

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