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Chua, Kel W., Makkawi, Yassir, Hewakandambyc, Buddhi N. and Hounslowa, Michael J. (2011). Time scale analysis for fluidizedbedmeltgranulation-II: binder spreading rate. Chemical Engineering Science, 66 (3), pp. 327-335.

Chua, Kel W., Makkawi, Yassir and Hounslow, Michael J. (2011). Time scale analysis for fluidized bed melt granulation I: granule-granule and granule-droplet collision rates. Chemical Engineering Science, 66 (3), pp. 318-326.

Chua, Kel W., Makkawi, Yassir and Hounslow, Michael J. (2011). Time scale analysis for fluidizedbedmeltgranulation III: binder solidification rate. Chemical Engineering Science, 66 (3), pp. 336-341.

Hornung, Andreas, Apfelbacher, Andreas and Sagi, Sudhakar (2011). Intermediate pyrolysis:a sustainable biomass-to-energy concept-biothermal valorisation of biomass (BtVB) process. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 70 (8), pp. 664-667.

Kapil, Ankur, Wilson, Karen, Lee, Adam F. and Sadhukhan, Jhuma (2011). Kinetic modeling studies of heterogeneously catalyzed biodiesel synthesis reactions. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 50 (9), pp. 4818-4830.

Mayer, Zsuzsa, Apfelbacher, Andreas and Hornung, Andreas (2011). Nitrogen cycle of effluent-irrigated energy crop plantations:from wastewater treatment to thermo-chemical conversion processes. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 70 (8), pp. 675-682.

Menon, M., Yuan, Qingchun, Jia, X., Dougill, A.J., Hoon, S.R., Thomas, A.D. and Williams, R.A. (2011). Assessment of physical and hydrological properties of biological soil crusts using x-ray microtomography and modelling. Journal of Hydrology, 397 (1-2), pp. 47-54.

Papadikis, K., Gu, S. and Bridgwater, A.V. (2011). Eulerian model for the condensation of pyrolysis vapors in a water condenser. Energy and Fuels, 25 (4), pp. 1859-1868.

Book Section

Makkawi, Yassir and Ocone, Raffaella (2011). Mass transfer in fluidized bed drying of moist particulate. IN: Mass transfer in multiphase systems and its applications. El-Amin, Mohamed (ed.) InTech.

Wright, Daniel, Dey, Prasanta, Brammer, John and Hunt, Phil (2011). Bioenergy decision support systems:worth the effort? IN: World Renewable Energy Congress 2011 - Sweden. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings . Linköping (SE): LiU Electronic Press.


Chong, Katie Jane (2011). A methodology for the generation and evaluation of biorefinery process chains, in order to identify the most promising biorefineries for the EU. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Harvey, Daniel Peter (2011). The combination of smart hydrogels and fibre optic sensor technology for analyte detection. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Kalgo, Abba Sani (2011). The development and optimisation of a fast pyrolysis process for bio-oil production. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Smith, Simon (2011). Polyunsaturated fatty acid oxidation in Alzheimer’s disease. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Zhou, Yi (2011). Organic synthesis and fungicidal activity of oxylipin-based compounds. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Bridgwater, Tony (2011). Bio-fuel composition and method for manufacture of bio-fuel composition. C10L 1/02.

WIrtz, Ulrich (2011). Methods and apparatus for the production of fuel. C10G3/00.

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