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Al-Malaika, Sahar (2004). Perspectives in stabilisation of polyolefins. IN: Perspectives in stabilisation of polyolefins. Albertsson, Ann-Christine (ed.) Advances in polymer science . Berlin (DE): Springer.


Gawthrope, David E., Lee, Adam F. and Wilson, Karen (2004). Physicochemical properties of Pt-SO4/Al2O3 alkane oxidation catalysts. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 6 (14), pp. 3907-3914.

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Gütlich, Philipp, van Koningsbruggen, Petra J. and Renz, Franz (2004). Recent advances in spin crossover research. IN: Optical spectra and chemical bonding in transition metal complexes. Schönherr, T. (ed.) Structure and bonding . Berlin (DE): Springer.


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Lee, Adam F. and Wilson, Karen (2004). Structure-reactivity correlations in the selective aerobic oxidation of cinnamyl alcohol:in situ XAFS. Green Chemistry, 6 (1), pp. 37-42.


McCairn, Mark C. and Sutherland, Andrew (2004). Scintillation proximity assays for the real-time detection and quantification of the progress of reactions upon solid supports. Chemical Communications, 10 (3), pp. 296-297.

Morcom, Andrea R. (2004). PH responsive polymers for controlled release of liposomal contents. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Vicevic, M., Jachuck, R.J.J., Scott, K., Clark, J.H. and Wilson, Karen (2004). Rearrangement of α-pinene oxide using a surface catalysed spinning disc reactor (SDR). Green Chemistry, 6 (10), pp. 533-537.

van Koningsbruggen, Petra J. (2004). Special classes of iron(II) azole spin-crossover compounds. IN: Spin crossover in transition metal compounds I. Gütlich, P. and Goodwin, H.A. (eds) Topics in current chemistry . Berlin (DE): Springer.

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Watkins, Robert S., Lee, Adam F. and Wilson, Karen (2004). Li-CaO catalysed tri-glyceride transesterification for biodiesel applications. Green Chemistry, 6 (7), pp. 335-340.

Wilson, Karen, Lee, Adam F., Ecormier, Muriel A., Macquarrie, Duncan J. and Clark, James H. (2004). New catalytic materials for clean technology:structure-reactivity relationships in mesoporous solid acid catalysts. IN: Nanotechnology in catalysis. Zhou, Bing; Hermans, Sophie and Somorjai, Gabor A. (eds) Nanostructure science and technology . New York, NY (US): Springer.

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