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Allsop, Thomas D.P., Earthgrowl, T., Revees, R., Webb, D.J., Miller, M., Jones, B. and Bennion, I. (2004). Application of long period gratings sensors to respiratory function monitoring. IN: Smart medical and biomedical sensor technology II. Cullum, Brian M. (ed.) SPIE proceedings . USA: SPIE.

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Liu, Tongyu, Wang, Daorui, Raenaei, Rasool, Chen, Xianfeng F., Zhang, Lin and Bennion, Ian (2004). A low-cost multimode fiber Bragg grating sensor system. IN: Advanced sensor systems and applications II. Rao, Yun-Jiang; Kwon, Osuk Y. and Peng, Gang-Ding (eds) SPIE proceedings . GBR: SPIE.


Martínez, Amós, Dubov, Mykhaylo, Khrushchev, Igor and Bennion, Ian (2004). Femtosecond inscription of superimposed, non-overlapping fibre Bragg gratings. IN: ECOC 2004 : 30th European conference on optical communication. SWE: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


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