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Tcypkin, Anton N., Ponomareva, Evgenia A., Putilin, Sergey E., Smirnov, Semen V., Shtumpf, Sviatoslav A., Melnik, Maksim V., Yiwen, E., Kozlov, Sergei A. and Zhang, Xi Cheng (2019). Flat liquid jet as a highly efficient source of terahertz radiation. Optics Express, 27 (11), pp. 15485-15494.

Smirnov, S. V., Morozova, N. E., Khodorkovskii, M. A. and Severinov, K. V. (2018). Fluorescence microscopy study of the effect of Esp1396I restriction-modification system proteins concentrations on protection against lambda phage. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1135 (1),

Kynev, S. M., Chistyakov, V. V., Smirnov, S. V., Volkova, K. P., Egorov, V. I. and Gleim, A. V. (2017). Free-space subcarrier wave quantum communication. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 917 (5),

Rogov, P. U., Smirnov, S. V., Semenova, V. A., Melnik, M. V. and Bespalov, V. G. (2016). Investigation of interaction femtosecond laser pulses with skin and eyes mathematical model. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 737 (1),

Chistyakov, V. V., Smirnov, S. V., Nazarov, Yu V., Kynev, S. M. and Gleim, A. V. (2016). Achieving high visibility in subcarrier wave quantum key distribution system. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 735 (1),

Smirnov, S. V., Grachev, Ya V., Tsypkin, A. N., Kulya, M. S., Putilin, S. E. and Bespalov, V. G. (2016). Spatial-temporal dynamics of the terahertz field generated by femtosecond filament. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 735 (1),

Gleim, A. V., Nazarov, Yu V., Egorov, V. I., Smirnov, S. V., Bannik, O. I., Chistyakov, V. V., Kynev, S. M., Anisimov, A. A., Kozlov, S. A. and Vasiliev, V. N. (2015). Subcarrier Wave Quantum Key Distribution in Telecommunication Network with Bitrate 800 kbit/s. EPJ Web of Conferences, 103 ,

Balbekin, N. S., Grachev, Ya V., Smirnov, S. V. and Bespalov, V. G. (2015). The versatile terahertz reflection and transmission spectrometer with the location of objects of researches in the horizontal plane. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 584 (1),

Book Section

Tcypkin, A. N., Ponomareva, E. A., Putilin, S. E., Smirnov, S. V., Shtumpf, S. A., Melnik, M. V., Kozlov, S. A. and Zhang, X. C. (2018). Concentration dependence of terahertz generation in jets of water and ethanol mixtures. IN: Infrared, Millimeter-Wave, and Terahertz Technologies V. Zhang, Cunlin; Zhang, Xi-Cheng and Tani, Masahiko (eds) SPIE.

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