Identification, mutagenesis, and transcriptional analysis of the methanesulfonate transport operon of methylosulfonomonas methylovora


Recently identified genes located downstream (3') of the msmEF (transport encoding) gene cluster, msmGH, and located 5' of the structural genes for methanesulfonate monooxygenase (MSAMO) are described from Methylosulfonomonas methylovora. Sequence analysis of the derived polypeptide sequences encoded by these genes revealed a high degree of identity to ABC-type transporters. MsmE showed similarity to a putative periplasmic substrate binding protein, MsmF resembled an integral membraneassociated protein, and MsmG was a putative ATP-binding enzyme. MsmH was thought to be the cognate permease component of the sulfonate transport system. The close association of these putative transport genes to the MSAMO structural genes msmABCD suggested a role for these genes in transport of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) into M. methylovora. msmEFGH and msmABCD constituted two operons for the coordinated expression of MSAMO and the MSA transporter systems. Reverse-transcription-PCR analysis of msmABCD and msmEFGH revealed differential expression of these genes during growth on MSA and methanol. The msmEFGH operon was constitutively expressed, whereas MSA induced expression of msmABCD. A mutant defective in msmE had considerably slower growth rates than the wild type, thus supporting the proposed role of MsmE in the transport of MSA into M. methylovora.

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Divisions: Life & Health Sciences > Biosciences
Uncontrolled Keywords: msmEF gene cluster,structural genes,methanesulfonate monooxygenase,methylosulfonomonas methylovora,ABC-type transporters
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PURE Output Type: Article
Published Date: 2006-01
Authors: Jamshad, Mohammed
De Marco, Paolo
Pacheco, Catarina C.
Hanczar, Timea
Murrell, J. Colin

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