Octahedral molybdenum cluster complexes with aromatic sulfonate ligands

Efremova, Olga A., Vorotnikov, Yuri A., Brylev, Konstantin A., Vorotnikova, Natalya A., Novozhilov, Igor N., Kuratieva, Natalia V., Edeleva, Mariya V., Benoit, David M., Kitamura, Noboru, Mironov, Yuri V., Shestopalov, Michael A. and Sutherland, Andrew J. (2016). Octahedral molybdenum cluster complexes with aromatic sulfonate ligands. Dalton Transactions, 45 (39), pp. 15427-15435.


This article describes the synthesis, structures and systematic study of the spectroscopic and redox properties of a series of octahedral molybdenum metal cluster complexes with aromatic sulfonate ligands (nBu4N)2[{Mo6X8}(OTs)6] and (nBu4N)2[{Mo6X8}(PhSO3)6] (where X- is Cl-, Br- or I-; OTs- is p-toluenesulfonate and PhSO3 - is benzenesulfonate). All the complexes demonstrated photoluminescence in the red region and an ability to generate singlet oxygen. Notably, the highest quantum yields (>0.6) and narrowest emission bands were found for complexes with a {Mo6I8}4+ cluster core. Moreover, cyclic voltammetric studies revealed that (nBu4N)2[{Mo6X8}(OTs)6] and (nBu4N)2[{Mo6X8}(PhSO3)6] confer enhanced stability towards electrochemical oxidation relative to corresponding starting complexes (nBu4N)2[{Mo6X8}X6].

Publication DOI: https://doi.org/10.1039/c6dt02863b
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Inorganic Chemistry
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Published Date: 2016-10-21
Authors: Efremova, Olga A.
Vorotnikov, Yuri A.
Brylev, Konstantin A.
Vorotnikova, Natalya A.
Novozhilov, Igor N.
Kuratieva, Natalia V.
Edeleva, Mariya V.
Benoit, David M.
Kitamura, Noboru
Mironov, Yuri V.
Shestopalov, Michael A.
Sutherland, Andrew J. ( 0000-0003-3651-1809)



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