An investigation to determine the influence of illumination sources on colour discrimination in normal subjects and smokers

Mistry, Kalpen (2015). An investigation to determine the influence of illumination sources on colour discrimination in normal subjects and smokers. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Accurate colour vision testing requires using the correct illumination. With the plethora of 'daylight' lamps available, is there a cost-effective alternative to the discontinued MacBeth Easel lamp? Smoking is a known risk factor for macula degeneration. As the macula is responsible for colour discrimination, any toxin that affects it has the potential to influence colour discrimination. Aims: To find a costeffective light source for colour vision testing. To investigate the effect of smoking on colour discrimination. To explore how deuteranomalous trichromats compare with normal trichromats. Methods: Using the Ishihara colour vision test subjects were classified into the groups: 'Normal/Control', 'Smoker/Test', and 'Case Study' (subjects who failed the screening test and did not smoke). They completed the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue test under each of the three light sources: Phillips EcoHalo Twist (tungsten halogen - THL), Kosnic KCF07ALU/GU10-865 (compact fluorescent- CFL), and Deal Guardian Ltd. GU103X2WA4B-60 (light-emitting diode - LED) Results: 42 subjects took part in the study: 18 in the Normal/Control group, 18 in the Smoker/Test group, and 6 in the Case Study group. For the Normal/Control group the total error scores (TESs) were significantly lower with the CFL than with the THL (p = 0.017) as it was for the Case Study group (p = 0.009). No significant differences were found between the Normal/Control group and the Smoker/Test group for each light source. Decision tree analysis found pack years to be a significant variable for TES. Discussion: All three light sources were comparable with previous studies. The CFL provided better colour discrimination than the LED despite them both being 6500 K. Deuteranomalous trichromats showed a greatest deviation than normal trichromats using the LED. Conclusions: The Kosnic KCF07ALU/GU10-865 is a cost-effective alternative for colour vision testing. Smoking appears to have an effect on colour vision, but requires further investigation.

Divisions: Life & Health Sciences > Optometry
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Institution: Aston University
Uncontrolled Keywords: colour vision,smoking,tungsten halogen lamps,compact fluorescent lamps,light-emitting diodes
Completed Date: 2015-03-09
Authors: Mistry, Kalpen


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