Iron(III) spin crossover compounds

van Koningsbruggen, Petra J., Maeda, Yonezo and Oshio, Hiroki (2004). Iron(III) spin crossover compounds. IN: Spin crossover in transition metal compounds I. Gütlich, P. and Goodwin, H.A. (eds) Topics in current chemistry, 233 . Berlin (DE): Springer.


In this chapter, selected results obtained so far on Fe(III) spin crossover compounds are summarized and discussed. Fe(III) spin transition materials of ligands containing chalcogen donor atoms are considered with emphasis on those of N,N-disubstituted-dithiocarbamates, N,N-disubstituted-XY-carbamates (XY=SO, SSe, SeSe), X-xanthates (X=O, S), monothio-β-diketonates and X-semicarbazones (X=S, Se). In addition, attention is directed to Fe(III) spin crossover systems of multidentate Schiff base-type ligands. Examples of spin inter-conversion in Fe(III) compounds induced by light irradiation are given.

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