Studies on the growth rates of lichens

Armstrong, Richard A. (1975). Studies on the growth rates of lichens. IN: Lichenology: Progress and Problems. Brown, D.H.; Hawksworth, D.L. and Bailey, R.H. (eds) Systematics Association Special Volume . London: Academic Press.


Progress in the field of lichen growth rates is briefly reviewed. The application of a new method of measuring growth rate to thalli of different size has led to the conclusion that there are changes in the radial growth rate during the life of a lichen thallus. For most of the life of a lichen thallus the radial growth rate is constant and the thallus radius increases linearly. Preceeding the linear phase the radial growth rate increases with time and the thallus radius increases logarithmically. There is no evidence for a postlinear phase in the radial growth of a lichen thallus. Studies on the growth rate of lichens are applied both to the problems of determining the age of a lichen thallus on an undated substratum and to an ecological investigation in the field.


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