The role of the 8-18 helix of CGRP 8-37 in mediating high affinity binding to CGRP receptors; coulombic and steric interactions

Howitt, Stephen G., Kilk, Kalle, Wang, Yang, Smith, David M., Langel, Ulo and Poyner, David R. (2003). The role of the 8-18 helix of CGRP 8-37 in mediating high affinity binding to CGRP receptors; coulombic and steric interactions. British Journal of Pharmacology, 138 (2), pp. 325-332.


1. The role of individual residues in the 8-18 helix of CGRP 8-37 in promoting high-affinity binding to CGRP 1 receptors expressed on rat L6 and human SK-N-MC cells has been examined. The relative potencies of various derivatives were estimated from their ability to inhibit the human αCGRP-mediated increase in cyclic AMP production and the binding of [ 125I]-human αCGRP. 3. Arg 11 and Arg 18 were replaced by serines to give [Ser 11.18]CGRP 8-37. These bound with pKi values <6 to SK-N-MC cells and had apparent pA 2 values of 5.81 ± 0.04 and 5.31 ± 0.11 on SK-N-MC and L6 cells. CGRP 8-37 had a pKi of 8.22 on SK-N-MC cells and pK b values on the above cell lines of 8.95±0.04 and 8.76±0.04. 3. The arginines were replaced with glutamic acid residues. [Glu 11]CGRP 8-37 had a pK b of 7.14±0.14 on SK-N-MC cells (pKi=7.05±0.05) and 6.99±0.08 on L6 cells. [Glu 18]CGRP 8-37 had a pK b of 7.10±0.0.08 on SK-N-MC cells (pKi=6.91±0.23) and 7.12±0.09 on L6 cells. 4. Leu 12, Leu 15 and Leu 16 were replaced by benzoyl-phenylalanine (bpa) residues. On SK-N-MC cells, the apparent pA 2 values of [bpa 12]-, [bpa 15]- and [bpa 16]CGRP 8-37 were respectively 7.43±0.23, 8.34±0.11 and 5.66±0.16 (pKi values of 7.14±0.17, 7.66±0.21 and <6): on L6 cells they were 7.96±0.36, 8.28±0.21 and 6.09±0.04 (all n=3). 5. It is concluded that the Arg 11 and Arg 18 are involved in specific electrostatic interactions with other residues, either on the CGRP 1 receptors or elsewhere on CGRP 8-37. Leu 16 is in a conformationally restricted site when CGRP 8-37 binds to CGRP 1 receptors, unlike Leu 12 and Leu 15.

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Published Date: 2003-01-23
Authors: Howitt, Stephen G.
Kilk, Kalle
Wang, Yang
Smith, David M.
Langel, Ulo
Poyner, David R. ( 0000-0003-1590-112X)

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